About Ruth Hauzinger

About …… yes, about April 2011 life changed – no, really changed.   All the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.   A chain reaction began that ended with me, Ruth Hauzinger coming to live on Cape Cod.  I sold my house in Rhode Island,  left my job as a service advisor at a dealership, moved myself and my cat named Jasper to our present home in Chatham,  where  I married my wonderful husband Rich.    He is the reason that all these changes were possible.  He is the reason that I am now able to pursue my passion of being a photographer.  I was able to retire and spend more time with my camera, roaming this beautiful place called Cape Cod. We share a house with three cats,  a dog,  a large vegetable garden and enjoy life in  our quiet neighborhood.  And I am still putting down roots in this sandy soil.
Some of the roots I have been growing include becoming a member of the Creative Arts Center in Chatham. I have also joined the Visual Artists Cooperative. My work can be viewed locally at shows given by those two organizations. It can also be viewed at the Local Color Gallery on 1652 Main St. Chatham or at Gaynor’s Fine Consignments located on 293 Orleans Rd. Unit A in North Chatham,Ma. I can be contacted at ruthy1951@gmail.com

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