About Ruth Hauzinger

Having spent over fifty years photographing the events of life, the places and people involved, Ruth brings a unique view to her photography.  Retiring to Cape Cod in 2011, meant being able to pursue photography to a greater extent. A self-taught photographer, Ruth seeks to offer the viewer a shared perspective, experience or emotion with images that evoke. This desire to share something that evokes, led to an expansion into other art forms.

Ruth has expanded into various forms of abstract painting, collage, multi-media and encaustic works. The jump from photography into abstract painting, has led to an explosion of imagination. To create what has not previously existed is both challenging and exhilarating. Where photography seeks to re-frame what exists, abstract painting/collage has no limits.  The resulting freedom of these art forms allows for total expression and sharing of what the moment chooses to express.

Ruth’s photography can be viewed online at freshimagesgallery.com.    Her work can be viewed in person at Local Color Gallery 1652 Main St. Chatham, Ma. 02633 or online http://www.localcolorchatham.com

Ruth is a member of the Cape Cod Visual Artists Cooperative, Creative Arts Center, Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

She can be reached at 401-588-2598


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