Abstract Images

Double Vision
Urban Angles
Liquid Autumn
Sea Ribbons
“I’m Invisible You Know”
Beavertail Light Reflection
Midnight Brilliance
Ancient Abstraction
Cape Cod Canal Rail Bridge
Lots of Lily Pads
Delicate Winter
D.C. Metro
Quietly Zen
Racing to Heaven
“Happy Hour” Mixed Media 16×20
“Happy” Oil Stick 16×20
“Interdimensional” Acrylic 16×20
Sumi-e ink card
“Crossing Time” mixed media 16×20
“Chi” Acrylic 12×16
“Distant Grace” Mixed Media 16×20
“Cool Geometry” Acrylic 16×20
“Sacred Ground” Acrylic 8×8

4 Responses to “Abstract Images”

  1. Really lovely!

  2. Gorgeous! Ruthy, what is the second one?

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